Cowboy Up Field Trip

As you know we have been working hard on our current mini-study about cowboys.  We were excited to take a field trip to meet a REAL cowboy and his horses.  We had pony races, learned all about being a cowboy, and even got a take a picture with a real horse and some of us sat on a real saddle! 

Take a look at all the fun:  (Click on each picture to enlarge.)

Group with HorseErno Sydney Owen April Richland Group Pic CalebLucyMadison

Bryce Nolan Cristian Xavier Amy Connor



ThinkShow Timelines

I have sent home a project sheet detailing all the requirements for our timeline projects.  I have also included a grading rubric.  This is NOT an optional project and is due no later than Monday, March 4.  This is a fun project and we have completed a timeline, in class, of Steve Jobs.  Students picked their own person to research and we are super excited to see the final products.  :-)

Here’s a sample timeline we completed together in class about Steve Jobs:

Here are a few examples from last year:

I am providing each child with the poster board to put your timeline on.  You can do it either horizontally or vertically.  DO NOT use a full sized poster board.  We will not have room to display them all for ThinkShow.